Sailing in Cuba

If you’ve never been to Cuba, you simply must!  A veritable time capsule from the 1960’s it’s at the same time so exciting, astonishingly beautiful and a feast for the senses, heart and mind.

On a sailing boat we have a lot of red tape to traverse, restrictions on where we can go, little in the way of yachting facilities and unreliable charts and guide books, many of which haven’t been updated for 20 years!  And the GPS is out of whack because the Americans want it that way…

Despite its difficulties for us in delivering our trips, it remains one of the “out there” places to sail; there are not many other cruising boats and the offshore reefs and islands are little touched.  It really is a special place to visit.

Getting There and Away

Havana is an international airport with flight connections from the US, Canada, Europe and even Russia!  Our starting points in Santiago and Cienfuegos have flight connections from Havana, but you might like to take a bus or a taxi for a better look at Cuba’s interior and the chance to chat with local people.

The Sailing

Day sailing with short (3 to 4 hours) inter-island hops in sheltered water; there is one longer passage on each itinerary, and for this reason our Cuba itineraries might not be as suitable for complete beginner sailors as some of our other sailing areas such as the Bahamas. If you have some experience and are looking for some miles in a place that’s unlike any other then this is ideal for you.


Cuba is vast; the biggest island in the Caribbean, and it has wonderfully varied coastal scenery.  From the tropical rainforest and beaches on the north coast, to a drier, sparser climate on the south, mangrove islands and white sand coral islands – there’s something for everyone.

Vibe / Ambience

It’s hard to describe Cuba’s unique vibe – largely Spanish influence, it is a vibrant, energetic country; exciting and entrancing.  People are wonderfully warm and hospitable, if a little apprehensive and curious outside the main tourist centres.

Things to Do & See

The cities of Havana, Santiago, Trinidad and Cienfuegos are rich in history and culture.  A salsa lesson in a ramshackle courtyard; music and dancing at the Casa de la Musica, sitting with a Cuba Libre in a streetside cafe watching local life – there’s so much to do and see. Out in the islands, you have some of the world’s most unspoiled reefs for snorkelling, and deserted beaches for beach-combing and escaping from the 21st century.  Spot the wild hutea (large rat-like creatures), iguanas and even salt-water crocodiles!

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